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Wilderness Adventure Trek I

Be prepared to breathe in the beauty of the forest, make connections with new-found friends and leave feeling refreshed and alive!

Designed for the beginning backpacker this program includes basic instruction on how to prepare and undertake a 1 night wilderness adventure.  Participants will go on a 3 mile, easy to moderate, scenic hike and camp out in a primitive setting.   

Instruction will include the following:

·         Conditioning designed to strengthen the core muscles needed for hiking and carrying a back pack

·         Instruction on packing and carrying  a backpack for a 1 night wilderness adventure

·         Hiking techniques to maximize energy on the trail

·         Foods to carry and instruction to prepare simple campfire meals (food is included in program fee)

·         Water essentials – using lifestraws and chemical purification methods

·         Tips on setting up camp, storing food, building a campfire & staying safe while in the forest

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