Unlock Your Superhuman

Unlock Your Superhuman is an adventure based advance that includes cold water submersion, breathwork, and a variety of mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges to unlock what is within. The adventure will include some challenges to help enliven inner recognition. A resetting of what is possible. In this possibility, transcendence occurs and ripples into daily life. A reset so to speak. A way to see beyond what is currently seen, not just around oneself, but within oneself.  It was an adventure like this that set me on my way to become who I am. To be me :) This adventure includes a waterfall trek that includes a highly unique way to experience a waterfall. We will navigate a path of two miles, that will include some climbing and mountaineering. I provide all of the equipment and will also video the experience should you wish it. ( I am a licensed GoPro videographer ). The tipping point will be a water submersion either at the base of the waterfall or directly behind it ( to see through a waterfall ) - the waterfall location is sacred, but will be revealed the day of the experience. We will also participate in breathwork, horse dancing, and tapping in to deeper intuition through breath.

There is no set date for the retreat. You can secure a ticket anytime between now (July and December 31st). Tickets are subject to availability, and a minimum of 48 hr advance registration is required. Tickets are 100% refundable up to 7 days prior to your retreat. 

Be prepared to be challenged but have fun.

Life changing possibilities.




Primal awareness exercise
Sacred Waterfall hike

Wim Hof breath work 
Cold water submersion
Anxiety release

Establishing zero | flow state

Tapping into source
Tuning into your soul -->life purpose transfer
Alkalinazition practice and guidance
Awakening your inner guide

Trip details

Bring clothes for water

An extra change of clothes 

Whatever food you may need for a 2 hr trek



I will provide, safety gear and extra food and water just in case



$325 pp
Includes retreat plus two night accommodation in a tiny cabin


for double occupancy (bunk with a friend)

$150 pp

for day adventure pass only (no overnight stay)

$100 pp

for groups of 4 or more day adventure pass (no overnight stay)

Scholarships available

Led by Alex Garcia

Alex is an accomplished mountain runner and endurance athlete, finishing 10th in the world in his sport. Alex has been able to use his body to rise in spirit. Unlocking new potential in both himself and others. Founding Alive^3, a non-profit that maximizes human potential for a better world. 

Co-creator of 






Book coming soon | Becoming Me

Core Beliefs

 We are ONE | One with God | One with each other | One with Everything

 We each have incredible capacity to make everything around us better

We are only limited by our self belief 

 We all have unique gifts and purpose 

 Together we can restore all

 Love above all

A gift of mine is empowering others to find their power. Resetting the mind to expand on ones divine potential.

Sacred Waterfall 

Stay in a tiny cabin

Indigo Nature Retreat

Main Lodge

Tiny Cabin Inside 

Yoga Loft

1037 Newberry Creek Rd Old Fort NC 28762

Tel: 828-619-0900


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