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Soul Collage

At around 1pm, join in on a special self discovery workshop led by Lisa Garcia, the owner of Indigo. This is a workshop designed to help you be kind to yourself even during times of struggle; to silence the inner criticthat may arise in the process. 

Afterwards, join in on some limber twigs Yoga with Suzanne Belflower. Take some intentional time to breathe, to stretch, and to loosen any weights that are pressed upon you. 

Take a break, you are in a great place mentally. Reflect on the day, journal, begin writing down thoughts, ideas, anything you want. It's your time. 

Now for some fun and some creative expression ! Gather around, we are making cards using nature's gifts. Think pine needles, fern leaves, black walnuts and tree leaves. A special card for a special someone. 

As we approach 4pm, we begin to wind down in some music and song led by Carlyn Waller. Laugh, chant, and embrace the rhythm of the drum as we celebrate the day and life as a whole. 

As we depart, enjoy your renewed light and use it to light all around you. 

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