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"All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know"

- Ernest Hemingway

I Can't Keep Quiet

April 24-26th, 2020


Immersion in Nature Designed to Inspire Growth

Indigo Nature retreats are immersions in Nature led by Lisa Garcia and often supported by guest teachers.  Our retreats are designed to inspire growth, enliven purpose and help participants step into their full potential. Dense foliage, rolling currents, and diverse trails make our home away from home a unique place to reset, renew and come alive.

Throughout the weekend Lisa will lead you in: 

·         Practices such as SHINRIN-YOKU (Forest Bathing), SELF-COMPASSION, GRATITUDE and MEDITATIONS designed to align your with your true essence, that which is pure love and wholeness.  All of the practices are processes you can easily incorporate into your daily life.



On Saturday:

·         Biographer Sheridan Hill (who believes that great questions are more useful than fast answers) guides participants through gentle self-inquiry exercises.  Whether you have initiated a piece of writing and are stuck, or simply fantasize about creating an autobiographical narrative the writing practice is designed to release the stuck places and let new words flow. Together we will find the place in you that just can’t keep quiet!


Included in the tuition is a 1 | 1 personal life coaching session offered by Lisa

post retreat to help you maintain forward momentum.

Join us won’t you?  Create your own sacred space allowing your creative energy to come forth in the written word.

Nutritious Nourishment

Saturday Breakfast​

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Breaks

Saturday Appetizers (light dinner)

Sunday light breakfast 



Retreat price $175 

Lodging: $50/night double occupancy

                $100/night single occupancy (limited number of openings)

Scholarships available


Lisa Garcia

Lisa is a spiritual guide, mentor, a friend of the forest, a friend of all. Using her journey of transcendence from climbing the corporate ladder to embracing imperfection, she has been able to lift authenticity in all.  

Founder of INDIGO  , exhibitor of mystique and self worth. 

Former executive | Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Former co-owner Jellystone Park Marion

(one of the top campgrounds in the country )


Core Beliefs

" Know that you are free to do whatever you want in this lifetime. Unleash the shackles of fear, paint the vision that resonates with your heart and move forward in faith and courage! Know you are being guided every step of the way. "


Co - Facilitator | Sheridan Hill

After 25 years of writing and editing (The Charlotte Observer, The Winston-Salem Journal, Parabola, Reader’s Digest, Wake Forest University alumni magazine, Guilford College magazine ), Sheridan Hill founded Real Life Stories, which produces heirloom biography for select clients.

Hill has offered writing workshops since the 1990s when she lived in Winston-Salem. She has been interviewed by The New York Times, public TV stations, and AARP magazine.

“When you work with your skills as a writer, you are working with varied levels of your psychology,” Hill said. “My favorite part of the writing workshops I offer is the process of meeting you where you are, and jumping off from there."

Sacred waterfall

Sacred Waterfall 


Stay in a tiny cabin


Indigo Nature Retreat


Main Lodge


Tiny Cabin Inside 


Yoga Loft

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