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Firefly Discovery Camp

June 15th

9am-6pm Saturday with overnight stay

Time in nature builds a child’s confidence, promotes creativity and imagination and helps foster a deep relationship with our environment.  In a world where busyness is held up like a trophy, electronics steal so much of our time and pressure to win is the norm, we invite you and your child to disconnect from the chaos and connect to the rhythm of nature.

Introduce your child to stream shuffling, fairy huts and the wonder of fireflies lighting up the forest with their magic dance.  Think forest walks alongside a mountain creek with engaging activities designed to spark both you and your child’s curiosity.  Give yourself and your little one the freedom to create colorful crafts, participate in Limbertwigs (creative movement), tell fire side tales and finally gather for song and s’mores around a campfire.


The program is designed for 1 adult and 1 child (ages 5 to 7 years old).
Cost: $300 / program fee for both adult and child including one night’s lodging.
Light breakfast, lunch, snacks and s’mores included.  Dinner is on own.

Scholarship opportunities available

Email to inquire further

Jun 09, Old Fort NC

Open Your Heart 




What to expect: This is an experience designed to take you away from the rush of the everyday. This is a day for you. An escape so to speak. Indigo is a space surrounded by trees, water, and nature. We consider it a sacred space, as it is so far removed from the common elements of our everyday. Things like traffic, road noise, email, phone notifications are no more. This is a place to connect with God, your TrueSelf, your SoulSelf. in a total sense. 

There are no HAVE to DO's here. For a moment, there is no responsibility other then re-charging your batteries so that you can bring that energy back to your family, your job, your everyday. 

Why re-charge? It almost seems selfish right? Truly the most unselfish thing you can do, is to take some time for you. It is something that can get lost in the shuffle of our constant GO. Errand to Errand. To Do to To Do. Eventually without re-energizing we just don't have more to give. Our emotional wells run dry and before you know it, we are too tired to do anything. 

Think of it this way. You are driving your family or those that you love up a hill in a car. As you go up the hill, your energy runs low, no gas left. What happens is everyone in the car suffers. Everyone is now stuck at the bottom of the hill. 

Give yourself this day ! Your family and all those around you will greatly benefit from your renewed self. You will too! Learn about Lisa aka Momma Bear, Founder of Indigo and Teacher for Open Your Heart

Explore the Forest

Wander along a forest trail exploring  the rocks, moss, trees and leaves.


Splash in the creek waters, wiggle your toes and find all the fascinating critters who live there.

Open your ears and hear the sounds of the forest, the birds, the squirrels chasing one another up trees, wind rustling through the leaves and water rushing over the boulders, dance to the rhythm.

Learn how to protect the Forest so we all can enjoy it’s beauty now and preserve it for future generations.


Creative Craft

Build a king’s castle, a fairy hut or a firefly house using natures supplies found in the forest.


Craft a unique one of a kind item to take with you as a reminder of your time in the forest.

Use your imagination to create and share stories around a campfire.

Join in song while watching the stars fill the sky and fireflies light up the forest floor.


Limbertwigs Creative


Fostering cooperation and compassion—instead of opposition—is a great gift to give our children. Children derive enormous benefits from yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength,coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.


Firefly Discovery Camp

Firefly Discovery Camp


Nature has the power to make children healthier, happier and smarter.


Remember when your entire day was spent outdoors, coming in only for lunch or dinner?  Giving the gift of the outdoors helps kids reconnect to the natural world, sparks the imagination and provides ample time for exploration.


Give  your child the time to play, learn and grow in the forest, to be in community and to re-connect with you and the love you hold in your heart.


Know you are creating memories that will last a lifetime and will be passed forward to future generations.

Firefly Discovery Camp
Firefly Discovery Camp
Jun 15, 2019, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Indigo Nature Retreat,
1037 Newberry Creek Road, Old Fort, NC, USA


Light breakfast 


Welcome and Retreat Overview


Forest walk with fun learning activities


Pic-a-nic lunch


Creative craft


Limbertwigs creative movement


Free time


Community song 


Dinner on own


Tuckin Tales and Smores around campfire


A look at the main lodge and the venue as a whole



Just in case it rains, we have plenty of space to adapt into if need be :)



Newberry creek is on the property, and provides amazing acoustics during your stay



Tiny cabins available for overnight accommodation. 



So much space for movement, yoga, grass walking, or skygazing



So much to explore here on property, with hundreds of miles of trails extending from the property. 


Lisa Garcia

Know that you are free to do whatever you want in this lifetime. Unleash the shackles of fear, paint the vision that resonates with your heart and move forward in faith and courage! Know you are being guided every step of the way. 

Lisa Garcia is an outdoor enthusiast who finds joy, inner peace, harmony and love in the beauty and abundance of nature.  Using nature as her medium her work focuses on developing human capability through self-discovery and helping others co-author a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling.  Lisa believes our talents, strengths and imperfections all combine to make us unique beings with gifts to positively impact the world.

Lisa held executive leadership positions in leadership development with both the Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Hotel Companies for over 30 years.  During the past 10 years Lisa and her family owned and operated a successful outdoor recreational facility in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.  INDIGO Nature Retreat located in the Pisgah National Forest is the next chapter in her life story. 

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Suzanne Belflower

Suzanne Belflower passionately believes that children need to be outdoors and experience nature first hand in order to learn about and appreciate our natural world, and by doing so will grow up to become good stewards of our Earth and the natural resources that we all depend on.    A K-12 science educator for many years, Suzanne knows that Mother Nature is a great teacher and when children are given the opportunity to learn outdoors, they will become excited and curious about the world around them. 

Suzanne led efforts to create several Outdoor classrooms while teaching in Georgia. These areas were developed on school property and gave her classes an opportunity to be involved in planting gardens, creating small ponds, planting trees and teaching others.  She organized and led an afterschool group called the Student Environmental Action Team (SEAT) which taught students how to make decisions that would make a positive difference in their school and community.   Suzanne worked with various natural resources agencies to plan annual Earth Day events at her school.  Working with River-keepers, she organized river clean-ups which involved students and community volunteers.  She planned and led a variety of nature camps, and developed an environmental science curriculum for grades 6- 12.

Suzanne now lives on a farm with her husband where she enjoys taking her 2 ½ year old grandson Henry for walks in the woods, wading in puddles and just recently they observed wood ducks swimming in their pond.  She is excited to help Henry and other young children she meets grow up loving nature and choosing to be outdoors whenever possible!    

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Carlyn Waller

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Carlyn is an improviser, a musician, a dancer, an artist, a healer, a poet, a risk taker, a learner, and a board-certified music therapist.  As a clinician, she uses music and the arts to treat holistically from a person-centered framework.  Carlyn is completing her master’s of music therapy at Appalachian State with a certificate in expressive arts therapy.  Her thesis research is about arts-based self-care and self-awareness trainings for direct care staff working with adults with developmental disabilities.  She loves group art making, drum and song circles, movement and dance, and happenings where artists come together to create something ephemeral and unique to that time and place.  She believes in the power of the creative process to connect people to themselves and to one another.

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