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Firefly Discovery Camp

Fireflies dance and light up the forest like beacons of hope, joy and happiness capturing the essence of children's hearts.  Designed for children ages 5 through 7 this program spark’s a child’s innate curiosity about nature and builds confidence when spending time in the forest.  Fun hikes, splashing in forest streams, scrambling over rocks, discovering forest critters  and a 1 night campout in a primitive setting all add up to unforgettable memories for both adult and child. 

Camp includes the following:

·         Tips for packing and preparing equipment for a 1 night wilderness adventure

·         Fun hikes mapped for 5 – 7 year olds

·         Interactive games designed for fun and learning about the forest

·         An up close and personal visit with forest critters such as owls, falcons, hawks, snakes and turtles

·          Simple food prepared over an open fire

·         Campfire stories and music

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