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“We are as the flute and the music in us is from Thee;

 We are as the mountain and the echo in us is from Thee.” 

- Rumi

Dreamwind Flute Retreat

September 24-26, 2021

Each bird has a unique song that graces the woodlands with it’s beauty. So too each of us has the ability to craft an instrument and give it our authentic voice!

We are honored to have Mr. Lee Entrekin, flute maker and player leading our retreat. Lee has performed at coffeehouses and galleries as well as the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.  He has produced a solo CD featuring his music and collaborated on several others. A patient and experienced guide in the art of music making we are honored to have Lee with us at INDIGO.


During our time together you will: 

  • CRAFT YOUR OWN FLUTE guided each step of the way by Lee. All tools and supplies are provided.

  • Learn the basics of MAKING YOUR OWN MUSIC AND ENJOY PLAYING SONGS in community. 

  • Experience SHINRIN-YOKU (Forest Bathing)  and fall into the embrace of the Pisgah National Forest .  Relax in the beauty of a slower pace, remember your childlike curiosity and the magic of wonder and awe of Nature

  • PRACTICE MEDITATIONS designed to align you with your true self, that which is pure love and wholeness.


1 | 1 Personal coaching offered post retreat

Nutritious Nourishment

Saturday Breakfast​

Saturday Lunch

Saturday Breaks

Saturday Appetizers (light dinner)

Sunday light breakfast 



$375 pp
Includes retreat and two night accommodation in a tiny cabin

$275pp for double occupancy (bunk with a friend)

Scholarships available

Led by Lisa Garcia

Lisa is a spiritual guide, mentor, a friend of the forest, a friend of all. Using her journey of transcendence from climbing the corporate ladder to embracing imperfection, she has been able to lift authenticity in all.  

Founder of INDIGO  , exhibitor of mystique and self worth. 

Former executive | Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Former co-owner Jellystone Park Marion

(one of the top campgrounds in the country )

Core Beliefs

" Know that you are free to do whatever you want in this lifetime. Unleash the shackles of fear, paint the vision that resonates with your heart and move forward in faith and courage! Know you are being guided every step of the way. "

Lisa Garcia


Guest Facilitator |  Lee Entrekin

I love making and playing flutes! I make all of my flutes myself, from start to finish. I use a variety of hand and power tools to produce the best flutes I can. I make flutes one at a time, and each flute is unique. I don't use a template or pattern for my flutes. I make a limited number of flutes each year, because I don't want this joy to become work. 
I began making flutes in 1997. I have learned to make flutes through experimentation and the generous help of other flute makers. I have gradually increased my production to sell flutes through galleries, at shows, and over the Internet.
I make a range of flutes from a high E to a low F#. They are all tuned to concert pitch. I work in a variety of woods, and do inlays in stone, shell and wood. I have also developed a drone flute that is particularly comfortable for players with small hands. I am continually working to improve the sound quality of my flutes, and to develop new designs.
My flutes are based on a traditional Native American style. I am not Native American, so my flutes are not promoted as "Native American Flutes." Images of my work can be seen on my web site at
I am also a flute player. I have performed at coffeehouses and galleries, as well as the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. I have produced one solo CD and collaborated on several others.
I was honored when one of my flutes won the flutemaker's competition at the Musical Echoes event. I am a member of the International Native American Flute Association, the Georgia and Carolinas Flute Circles and the Southern Highland Crafts Guild.

Sacred waterfall

Sacred Waterfall 


Stay in a tiny cabin


Indigo Nature Retreat


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Tiny Cabin Inside 


Yoga Loft

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